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CA Annual Equity Assessment 2022: Key Highlights

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The 7th edition of CA Annual Equity Assessment 2022 has been launched by Client Associates, a private wealth management firm. The first edition of CA Annual Equity Assessment was launched back in 2016. The CA Annual Equity Assessment 2022 is the result of a comprehensive assessment of both domestic and global economic factors.

Reporting has become a navigator in a world that has become even more unpredictable than before. Like any other year, the CA Annual Equity Assessment Report highlights that 2022 is also going to be an eventful one and that high levels of inflation in the developed world are going to largely define the size of the market in 2022. Huh.

CA Annual Equity Assessment 2022: Key Features

1. As the Government of India demonstrates the continuation of the growth-oriented stance with Budget 2022, the current year is expected to be of good growth for the Indian economy.

2. Client Associates Equity Assessment Grid (CAE3) reflects a strong rebound in economic activity, healthy corporate balance sheet, strong earnings growth, and structural reforms that are likely to improve the value of Indian businesses.

3. Reforms by the Government of India and a return to economic activity will also see EPS growth continue in FY2023 and the growth momentum in stagnant sectors such as IT, private banks and consumers is likely to sustain.

4. India is also better positioned in terms of expected EPS growth and economic activity, which means that the Indian market will continue to command historical valuations and some premium over global counterparts.

5. As the CA Grid assigns the CAE3 score to the Indian equity markets as neutral, the score could see improvement in the short term if earnings advanced beyond market expectations and/or if the market consolidates or declines from current levels despite strong fundamentals. .

domestic economic cycle

The period FY2015 to FY2020 has seen a slowdown in India’s economic activity from 8.3% in FY2017 to a pandemic-induced 7.3% contraction in FY21. Domestic growth slowed to an average of 3.5% on weak private consumption demand and weak industrial production.

However, strong government spending, effective policy measures by RBI are likely to support strong economic activity in FY2023.

Annual GDP Growth Rate (GVA at Basic Prices) fiscal year 2017 financial year


financial year


financial year


FY 2021 financial year


Agriculture, forestry and fishing 6.8 6.6 2.6 4.3 3.6 3.9
mining and quarrying 9.8 -5.9 0.3 -2.5 -8.5 14.3
Production 7.9 7.5 5.3 -2.4 -7.2 12.5
Electricity, gas, water supply and other utility services 10 10.6 8.0 2.1 1.9 8.5
Construction 5.9 5.2 6.3 1.0 -8.6 10.7
Business, Hotels, Transport, Communications and Services 7.7 10.3 7.1 6.4 -18.2 11.9
Financial, Real Estate and Professor Services 8.6 1.8 7.2 7.3 -1.5 4.0
Public administration, defense and other services 9.3 8.3 7.4 8.3 -4.6 10.7
GVA at Basic Prices 8.0 6.2 5.9 4.1 -6.2 8.6
net tax on products 11.7 13.3 13.4 3.1 -18.4 -16.2
Gross Domestic Product 8.3 6.8 6.5 4.0 -7.3 9.2

About Client Associates

Client Associates is a client-oriented private wealth management practice. It helps its clients to manage their money in the most effective manner. The firm provides its focus and understanding on wealthy families in India.

Client Associates has a track record of providing unbiased and non-adversarial advice with the use of globally accepted investment processes, as well as building efficient portfolios throughout the market cycle.

Over the years, with the successful acceptance and goodwill of the Client Associates by its private clients, the firm has witnessed continuous growth.

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