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Current Affairs Daily Questions and Answers : May 8-9, 2022

Current Affairs Daily Questions and Answers

Current Affairs Questions and Answers for UPSC

Miliposts Current Questions section aims to help all competitive exam hopefuls to review the current topics of the day with ease. Topical Q&As cover topics such as the rupiah’s all-time low against the US dollar, tomato fever, monkey pox, the Rakhigarhi Harappa siege, and the Madrid Open 2022.
1. What is the all-time low for the Indian Rupee against the US Dollar?
a) 77.42
b) 77.17
c) 76.47
d) 76.90
2. The health agency of which country has confirmed a case of monkeypox?
a) India
c) United Kingdom
d) South Africa
3. Which state in India has reported at least 82 cases of tomato fever?
a) Maharashtra
b) Kerala
c) Tamilnadu
d) Karnataka
4. When does Russia celebrate Victory Day every year?
a) May 9
b) May 10
c) May 11
d) May 22
5. Rakhigarhi, one of the oldest Harappan sites, in which state of India is it located?
a) Haryana
b)Uttar Pradesh
c) Maharashtra
d) Madhya Pradesh
6. Who has become the first tennis player to defeat both Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in the same event on clay?

a) Alexander Zverev
b) Stefanos Tsitsipas
c) Andrei Rublev
d) Carlos Alcarazu
7. Which Indian group has acquired the franchise in the upcoming UAE T20 league?
a) Tata Group
b) Aditya Birla Group
c) Adani Group
d) Trusted industries


1. (at) 77.42
The Indian rupee hit a record low of 77.42 against the US dollar in early trading on May 9, 2022. The drop in the Indian rupee is a result of investor weakness in domestic markets and concerns about the continued sale of Indian assets by foreign investors. India’s trade and fiscal deficit is expected to widen due to higher crude oil prices and this is expected to put pressure on the Indian currency.
2. (c) United Kingdom
The UK Health Protection Agency has confirmed that a man in England has been diagnosed with monkeypox. The patient has a history of recent travel from Nigeria, where he is believed to have contracted the virus. Monkeypox is a rare viral infection that does not spread easily between individuals. The infected person is being treated at a specialist disease unit in London.
3. (b) Kerala
According to local media, Kerala has reported at least 82 cases of tomato fever in the city of Kollam. Tomato fever, also known as tomato flu, is a rare type of viral infection that affects children under 5 years of age. According to reports, the state health department is closely monitoring the situation and preventive measures have been taken in the areas where cases were reported: Aryankavu, Aanchal and Neduvathur. Anganwadi centers in the areas have been closed, while the authorities have launched awareness campaigns in the villages.
4. (a) May 9
Russia celebrates ‘Victory Day’ every year on May 9. Victory Day is one of the most important national holidays in Russia, as it marks the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany during World War II. Victory Day is celebrated in Russia with a huge military parade and other festivities organized on this day to celebrate the victory over the Nazis.
5. (a) Hariana
The largest site in the Indus Valley of India, Rakhigarhi was discovered by archaeologists in 1998. It is a village in Hisar, Haryana, located at a distance of about 150 km from Delhi. It is one of five iconic archaeological sites mentioned by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during her budget speech in February 2020.
6. (d) Carlos Alcarazú
Teenager Carlos Alcaraz became the first tennis player to defeat Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in the same event on clay, 6-7 (5), 7-5, 7-6 (5) to reserve his place over Novak Djokovic. ) won . Final of the Madrid Open on May 7. He paved the way for his biggest career victory against the World No. 1 by defeating Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals. In Djokovic’s first semifinal, he won the men’s singles event by defeating Alexander Zverev in the final.
7. (c) Adani Group
Adani Sportsline, part of the Adani Group, has acquired the rights to own and operate a franchise in the UAE’s premier T20 league. With this, the Indian group has made its entry into the cricket franchise. The UAE T20 League is an annual event in which six franchise teams will compete in 34 matches.




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