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Current Affairs Daily Quiz: 28 February 2022

Current Affairs Questions for UPSC: The current affairs quiz section of Miliposts aims to help every competitive exam aspirant to revise the current affairs of the day easily. Current Affairs Questions and Answers covers topics like Operation Ganga, Manipur Election 2022, National Science Day 2022, Russia-Ukraine conflict and Olympic ceasefire.

1. Which campaign has been launched by India to bring back its citizens from Ukraine?

a) Operation Yamuna

b) Operation Saraswati

c) Operation Ganga

d) Operation Bharat

2. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky was previously a part of which industry?

a) entertainment

b) sports

c) food

d) health

3. How many seats went to polls in the first phase of Manipur elections 2022?

a) 46

b) 38

c) 25

d) 32

4. When is National Science Day celebrated?

a) February 26

b) February 27

c) February 28

d) February 29

5. Which sports federation has suspended Vladimir Putin from the honorary presidency?

a) International Judo Federation

b) International Volleyball Federation

c) International Football Federation

d) International Chess Federation

6. Apart from Russia, which country has violated the Olympic Truth?

a) Ukraine

B) United States

c) Israel

d) Belarus

7. Which cricket team reached Pakistan for the first tour in 24 years on February 27, 2022?

a) England

b) Australia

c) Sri Lanka

d) New Zealand

8. Who won the Mexico Open 2022 men’s singles title?

a) Rafael Nadali

b) Cameron Norrie

c) Daniil Medvedev

d) Stefanos Tsitsipas


1. (c) Operation Ganga

The Indian government launched ‘Operation Ganga’ to evacuate around 15,000 Indians in Ukraine amid Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Indian government will bear the full cost of the evacuation process of its citizens from war-torn Ukraine. People are being evacuated from neighboring countries due to the closure of Ukrainian airspace.

2. (a) entertainment

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky was an actor before joining politics. He was an actor and comedian and had a production company of his own. His famous TV show Servant of the People featured him as a school teacher who becomes the President of Ukraine after his rant goes viral.

3. (b) 38

The first phase of Manipur Assembly elections was held on February 28, 2022 in 38 constituencies spread across five districts including Imphal East, Imphal West, Bishnupur, Churachandpur and Kangpokpi. A total of 173 candidates are in the fray in this phase, including 15 women candidates.

4. (c) February 28

National Science Day is celebrated on 28 February every year in India to mark an important discovery by the Indian physicist Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman in the field of spectroscopy. This discovery was later named after him and is known as the ‘Raman Effect’. The day aims to recognize the contribution of scientists whose discoveries have helped the country make its place in the world.

5. (a) International Judo Federation

The International Judo Federation has suspended Vladimir Putin as the federation’s honorary president and ambassador in light of the ongoing war in Ukraine. The federation has also canceled the Grand Slam event scheduled for May 20-22 in Kazan, Russia.

6. (d) Belarus

The Executive Board (EB) of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) reiterated the IOC’s strong condemnation of the violation of the Olympic Truth by the Russian Government as well as the Government of Belarus in supporting and aiding the Russian attacks in Ukraine. The Olympic ceasefire began on 4 February 2022, seven days before the start of the Winter Olympic Games, and is scheduled to end seven days after the conclusion of the Paralympic Games, which will take place between 4–13 March.

7. (b) Australia

Australia arrived in Pakistan amidst tight security on February 27, 2022, for the first cricket tour in 24 years. Australian captain Pat Cummins said the tight security around his team is comforting and won’t be distracting.

8. (a) Rafael Nadali

Rafael Nadal continued his winning streak by defeating Cameroon Nori 6-4, 6-4 and winning the men’s singles title at the Mexico Open 2022. The tennis star had earlier won the Australian Open by defeating Russian rival Daniil Medvedev in a gruesome final. He has been unbeaten till now in 2022.

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