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Current Affairs Daily Quiz: 5 March 2022

Current Affairs Daily Quiz for UPSC: The current affairs quiz section of Miliposts aims to help every competitive exam aspirant to revise the current affairs of the day easily. Current Affairs Questions and Answers cover topics such as India’s Automatic Train Collision Protection System, Europe’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant and Formula One.

1. What is the name of India’s automatic train collision protection system?

a) Dhali

b) defense

c) security

d) armor

2. Which of the following is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe?

a) Zaporizhzhya

b) Cernavodă

c) Bohunis

d) Khmelnitsky

3. Against which team did the great Australian cricketer Shane Warne make his Test debut?

a) England

b) New Zealand

c) India

d) Pakistan

4. Who among the following led Rajasthan Royals to win the inaugural IPL title?

a) Rahul Dravid

b) David Warner

c) Ross Taylor

d) Shane Warne

5. Which country has the most nuclear weapons in the world?

a) Russia

B) United States

c) China

d) France

6. Who is the author of the book Unfinished?

a) Anuja Chauhan

b) Salman Rushdie

c) Priyanka Chopra

d) Amitabh Ghosh

7. Who is the author of the book Blue Umbrella?

a) RK Narayan

b) Arundhati Roy

c) RK Laxman

d) Ruskin Bond

8. Which Formula 1 team has terminated the contract of Russian driver Nikita Mazepin?

a) Red Bull

b) McLaren

c) laugh

d) Ashton Martin


1. (d) armor

Indian Railways on March 4, 2022 test-fired an automatic train collision protection system ‘Kavach’, with two trains approaching each other at full speed today, one with Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav and the other with Railway Board Chairman with.

2. (a) Zaporizhzhya

The Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Station, located in southeastern Ukraine near the city of Enerhodar, is the largest in Europe and the 10 largest nuclear power plant in the world. This accounts for about a quarter of Ukraine’s electricity generation. The Russians capture the nuclear power plant after a fierce battle on March 4, 2022.

3. (c) India

Shane Warne made his Test debut on 2 January 1992 against India and on 24 March 1993 in ODIs against New Zealand. His last Test for the Australian team was against England on 2 January 2007 and the last ODI was on 10 January 2005. ,

4. (d) Shane Warne

Shane Warne led Rajasthan Royals to their fairy tale title win as their captain against Chennai Super Kings in the inaugural edition of the IPL in 2008. This was the only time the Royals had won the title. He was appointed team mentor of Rajasthan Royals in February 2018.

5. (a) Russia

Russia has a total of 6257 nuclear warheads, including 1458 active, 3039 available and 1760 retired weapons. In comparison, the United States, which ranks second, has 5550 nuclear warheads with 1389 active, 2361 available and 1800 retired.

6. (c) Priyanka Chopra

Unfinished is a 2021 memoir by global icon Priyanka Chopra. It has been described as a “collection of personal essays, stories and commentaries” and chronicles key moments in Chopra’s life and her twenty-year-long career.

7. (d) Ruskin Bond

The Blue Umbrella is a 1980 novel by Ruskin Bond. It is the story of Binya, a simple village girl and her love for a blue umbrella.

8. (c) Hasso

The Haas Formula One team has terminated its contract with Russian driver Nikita Mazepin with immediate effect following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The team has also ended its sponsorship with Uralkali, a Russian company owned by Mazepin’s father. The decision comes just after Formula One decided to terminate its contract with the Russian Grand Prix. The contract was until 2025.

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