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Current Affairs in Short: 11 March 2022

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Railway Ministry lifts ban on provision of linen, blankets inside trains

• In a major relief to the passengers, Indian Railways has decided to withdraw restrictions regarding the supply of blankets, linen and curtains inside trains.

• Restrictions on the convenience of linen, blankets, curtains inside trains were imposed after the outbreak of the COVID pandemic in India.

• Following the easing of COVID restrictions across the country, Indian Railways has decided to restore the provision of blankets, linen, curtains inside the train for the convenience of the passengers.

Facebook will allow posts calling for violence against Russians

• Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, Meta, plans to allow the publication of calls for violence against Russians in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

• According to the official statement, as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Facebook has temporarily granted allowances for forms of political expression that would normally violate the rules, such as violent speech.

• The US media giant is going to allow Facebook posts calling for the death of Russian President and Belarusian President in several countries including Ukraine, Poland and Russia.

• The decision comes days after Russia blocked access to Facebook and other social media platforms, saying it discriminated against Russian media and information resources.

Worst COVID-19 surge in China

• China is again battling a serious COVID-19 outbreak of the highly contagious Omicron type. The country has placed Changchun’s 9 million residents under lockdown and suspended schools in the financial hub Shanghai.

• According to the National Health Commission, China reported 1,100 domestic infections, the highest level since the peak of the Wuhan outbreak.

• The latest surge also presents a significant challenge to the country’s ongoing, zero-tolerance approach to the virus that has spread to 14 provinces and municipalities.

• According to state media, Changchun will undergo three rounds of city-wide nucleic acid testing for COVID-19.

WHO advises Ukraine to destroy pathogens in health laboratories

• The World Health Organization has advised Ukraine to destroy any dangerous pathogens being held in research laboratories. This will prevent any potential spills that could harm the public.

• Biosecurity experts feared that Russia’s bombing of Ukraine increased the risk of disease-causing pathogens escaping if any of these facilities were damaged.

• Like various countries, Ukraine has public health laboratories that are researching how to reduce the risks of dangerous diseases that can affect both animals and humans, most recently, the coronavirus.

• Russia started its special military operation in Ukraine to attack its neighboring country.

UN Security Council will convene a meeting at the request of Russia

• The United Nations Security Council will convene a meeting on March 11, 2022 at the request of Russia.

• First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian mission Dmitry Polansky said that his country called for a meeting of the Security Council to discuss military biological activities of the United States in the territory of Ukraine.

• Russia has for several years reiterated its allegations that the US is working with laboratories in Ukraine to develop biological weapons.

• However, the US has denied Russian allegations that Washington was operating biological warfare laboratories in Ukraine.

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