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Current Affairs Quiz: October 19, 2022

Current Affairs Quiz 2022

Current Affairs Quiz for UPSC – Miliposts Current Affairs Quiz section aims to help all competitive exam hopefuls review the current events of October 19 with ease. Topical questions and answers cover topics such as the International Solar Alliance, the AFC Asian Cup, and the National Maritime Heritage Complex.

1. Who has been elected and co-president of the International Solar Alliance?

a) India and France

b) United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands

c) Sweden and Germany

d) Italy and Norway

2. Who has been elected Prime Minister of Sweden?

a) Jimmie Akesson

b) Ebba Busch

c) Ulf Kristersson

d) Johan Pehrson

3. Which of the two countries has become the final candidate to host the 2027 edition of the AFC Asian Cup?

a) Qatar and India

b) Uzbekistan and Iran

c) China and Qatar

d) India and Saudi Arabia

4. Who has been appointed as the new Comptroller General of Accounts?

a) Sonali Singh

b) Bharati Das

c) Shakuntala Devi

d) P.L. Sahu

5. In what state is the National Maritime Heritage Complex being built?

a) Maharashtra

b) Tamilnadu

c) Gujarat

d) Goa

6. Who has won India’s first Greco-Roman medal at the U-23 World Freestyle Championships?

a) Sajan Bhanwala

b) Antim Panghal

c) Aman Sehrawat

d) Sagar Jaglan

7. What is the name of the Unified Pensioners Portal launched for Central Government Pensioners?

a) Kalyan


c) Jeevan

d) Bhavishya


1. (a) India and France

India and France have been re-elected as chairs and co-chairs of the International Solar Alliance. According to the official, Union Minister for Energy and New and Renewable Energies RK Singh was re-elected as ISA chairman. In contrast, France’s Minister of State for Development was re-elected as co-chair.

2. (c) Ulf Kristersson

Sweden’s parliament has elected Ulf Kristersson as prime minister, leading a coalition once backed by the far-right radical party. Kristersson is a leader of the Moderate Conservative Party. His three-party coalition does not have a majority, but in Sweden, the prime minister can govern as long as there is no parliamentary majority against him.

3. (d) India and Saudi Arabia

India and Saudi Arabia have become the final candidates to host the 2027 Asian Football Federation (AFC) Asian Cup. Qatar, the reigning Asian champion, was eager to host the 2027 Asian Cup. However, it had to be dropped after it was announced that it would host the 2023 edition.

4. (b) Bharati Das

Bharti Das, an officer of the Indian Civil Accounts Service in 1988, has been appointed as the new Comptroller General of Accounts. She has become the 27th Comptroller General of Accounts, Ministry of Finance, Senior Adviser on Accounting Affairs, Government of India.

5. (c) Gujarat

The National Maritime Heritage Complex is being built in Lothal, Gujarat. It is being developed as a one-of-a-kind project to showcase India’s rich and diverse maritime heritage and help Lothal emerge as a world-class international tourism destination. The project is expected to be completed in several phases.

6. (a) Sajan Bhanwala

India’s Greco-Roman wrestler Sajan Bhanwala won a historic bronze medal in the 77kg category. He won India’s first Greco-Roman medal at the World Under-23 Wrestling Championships. The wrestler edged out Ukrainian Dmitro Vasetsky to win the historic medal. Bhanwala won 10-10 against his Ukrainian counterpart.

7. (d) Bhavishya

The Government of India has launched a unified pensioner portal called ‘Bhavishya’ for Central Government pensioners. This portal will provide a continuous solution for all the needs of pensioners. According to the government, a portal for the future pension payment and monitoring system is being integrated with SBI’s Seva Pension Portal.



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