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Five facts about animals that became extinct in the last 100 years

Five Facts About Animals

Heath Hen

Once common on the East Coast of America, the heather hen could only be found on Martha’s Vineyard until the late 19th century. Wildfires, hunting and habitat changes have reduced the remaining numbers of heather hens, the Vineyard Gazette reports. In 1933, the species was declared extinct following the disappearance of the last known heath hen, Booming Ben. However, conservationists announced in 2016 that they were working to restore the population.

Tympanuchus cupido cupido.jpg


O’ahu Tree Snail

In another terrible blow to Hawaii and its once abundant wildlife, George, a 14-year-old Oahu tree snail and the last of his kind died on New Year’s Day 2019. Although 752 types of snails have been identified in the islands, their number has decreased by up to 90 per cent. “Our world is gradually becoming less colourful, less vibrant with each loss, and only a few people are in a position to appreciate it,” a biologist told Mashable.com of George’s death. Fortunately, there are few snail species left to marvel.

Achatinella bulimoides.jpg

Big White Madeiran

This tiny and delicate butterfly has the essential and unattractive distinction of being declared the first insect in Europe to be driven to extinction by humankind. Due to habitat loss due to development and exposure to agricultural chemicals, it was declared extinct in 2007, as scientists could not find it in the wild for 15 years—more pity for those who appreciate the wonders of these beautiful winged insects.

Pieris wollastoni-PD.png


Barbary Lion

“History books tell us that the last wild Barbary lion (Panthera leo) was probably killed by a French colonial hunter in Morocco in 1922. But in repeating the story of this well-documented death, the history books have taken a side. Of history.” Or two chapters may have been skipped,” reports Scientific American. That is, members of the species hid elsewhere (Morocco, Algeria) and likely became extinct in the wild in those places several decades later when they were alive. they are also present in zoos.

A male Barbary lion in Algeria. Photo credit: Alfred Edward Pease, 1893.[1]


Schomberg Deer

We have hunters to thank for the season and the disappearance of this giant, soft-eyed, ungulate helper. According to Thoughtko, “[d]uring the monsoon season, the small herds [of deer] had no choice but to gather in the higher provinces, where they were easily rounded up.” The last of these deer were seen in the wild in 1938. Here are the 14 most beautiful animals that could disappear in your lifetime.



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