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Gangubai Kathiawadi will earn Rs 200 at the box office, says Kangana Ranaut: “The biggest shortcoming of the film…”

Kangana Ranaut is back to investigate Alia Bhatt’s upcoming film Gangubai Kathiawadi. The actor has spoken indirectly about how Bollywood is “destined for doom” unless the leash on him is in the hands of the film crowd. In his statement, which he posted on Sunday, Kangana made a scathing comment about Alia without naming her. He called the actor “daddy’s angel” and “romcom bimbo.” He also said that Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film will not do well at the box office, its biggest drawback being the casting.

“This Friday, Rs 200 crore will be burned at the box office… for Ek Papa’s (the father of the film mafia) Ki Pari (who likes to have a British passport) because Papa wants to prove that the silly sitcom romantics can act…The movie’s biggest flaw is the wrong cast…yeh nahi sudharenge, no wonder screens go south and Hollywood movies…Bollywood is doomed while the movie mafia have the power,” her post read.

He continued: “The father of the Bollywood crowd who single-handedly ruined the working culture in the film industry, emotionally manipulating many great directors and forcing mediocre products for his cinematic brilliance, another example will follow shortly after this release. People should stop entertaining him, in this Friday’s premiere, even a great hero and the best director are new victims of his manipulations “.

This is not the first time Kangana has commented on Alia’s movie. Earlier this month, he criticized a viral video of a girl recreating Gangubai Kathiawadi’s Alia Bhatt look. Kangana took to Instagram and wrote, “Should this kid do mouth-to-mouth bidi and vulgar vulgar dialogue with a sex worker? Look at her body language, is it okay to sexually abuse her at this age? There are hundreds more kids who are being used in the same way.

However, later, during a press conference in Delhi for his upcoming reality show Lock Up, Kangana said that he was not trying to “hurt anyone in terms of business” with his comments, but rather to disagree.

She said: “Children who are 6-7 years old are being exploited in some way when I talk about them (I was talking about the exploitation of 6-7 year olds). business or the money you are going to earn, shouldn’t one be the custodian of society’s conscience? Shouldn’t artists also have the opposite opinion?


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