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How to keep your baby away from your pet?

Baby Away from Your Pet

Till date, your pet was the only baby of your home, but with the arrival of the new infant baby, there are chances of eruption of certain rifts between the two. Even if you perceive your pet as the most loving one on this earth, still you need to take certain precautions to keep your newly born bundle of joy secured from the pet.

Pet and baby introduction

In case your pet has never been in the surroundings where the pet and baby have lived together, carefully bring some small babies into the pet’s life, so that no issue comes when the infant arrives. When the infant arrives at your home, your pet would be a little anxious, so gradually give the infant’s introduction to the pet.

Teach your pet to maintain a little distance

In the early days, it’s always better to keep the baby’s room and his nursery locked so as to prevent the advent of your pet into the baby’s room. In later days, you can allow your pet to visit the baby, when you are present in the room. This will make the pet and baby realize each other’s presence in your home and especially in your life.

Train the pet

The behavior of the infant is beyond predictions, but the pet is grown up in comparison to the baby, so he/she needs to be well-trained. If your pet does not obey your orders, the time has arrived for some formal training for the pet. If the pet is a male dog, get him neutered, this will make him calmer and mannered.

No curling up

Your pet is also like your baby, but when your infant arrives, you certainly need to put some restrictions upon the pet pampering. There should be no curling up for your pet, when the infant is in your arms. Pets are usually possessive about their master. Seeing the baby in your arms, the pet might attack the little one.

Keeping pet out

At times even the training may not do the need full in keeping the pet out of the room. In such events, scale baby gates as well as cribs can be of great help. You can purchase them from any nearby baby store or even from the online stores with few clicks. In case your pet is habitual of sleeping with you, gradually do away with this habit. Most importantly, never put the baby in bed, if your pet is also in the same room or in the same bed. There can be a big threat to the baby.

Keep pet’s bowl away

The infants are adorable creatures and they are bound to do things which are out of the world. They love playing with the food or the bowl of the pet. This little playing can create a big mess by making the pet possessive of his belongings and even jealous of the presence of the new member in the house, causing tension between the two. Also, the baby will try to taste the pet food, which can be utterly dangerous.

The pet as well as the baby must develop a good and healthy relationship over the time. All you need to do is to be a little diligent to give both of them, their needed space. There are ripe chances that your pet and your infant will become the closest buddies, but for the start, the above mentioned tips can be of great help.


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