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Impact on Russia-Ukraine war on sports: Check below 15 major sporting fallouts

Russia Sports Ban: The FIFA Council has barred the Russian football team from participating under the name ‘Russia’ and also banned the Russian flag and anthem from all its matches. England has joined other European countries in boycotting all international football matches against Russia.

The International Judo Federation has also suspended Vladimir Putin as honorary president. These are just a few of the major sporting repercussions faced by Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. Many major sporting tournaments in Russia are being held outside the country, including the Russian Grand Prix.

The IOC also reiterated its strong condemnation of violations of the Olympic Truth by the Russian and Belarusian governments and urged all international sports federations to move or cancel their sporting events currently planned in Russia or Belarus.

The Impact of the Russo-Ukraine War on Sport: Check Out 15 Major Sports Consequences of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

1. International Judo Federation suspends Vladimir Putin as Honorary President And the ambassador of the federation in light of the ongoing war in Ukraine. The federation has also canceled the Grand Slam event scheduled for May 20-22 in Kazan, Russia.

2. several European football teams including England, Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic have refused to play against Russia in the World Cup play-offs. World champions France has also called for Russia to be excluded from the 2022 World Cup. French Football Federation president Nol Le Graet said Russia should be kicked out of the 2022 World Cup after attacking Ukraine.

The Russian national football team faces Poland in the play-offs of the 2022 World Cup in March. Ukraine have also qualified for the 2022 World Cup playoffs and are scheduled to play against Scotland.

3. UEFA has decided to move the Champions League final, which was scheduled to be held in St. Petersburg in Russia, to the Stade de France in Paris.

4. The FIFA Council barred the member association representing Russia from participating in its name And they will, from now on, participate as the “Football Union of Russia (RFU)”. The FIFA Council has also banned the Russian flag and anthem from matches where teams from the Football Federation of Russia take part.

5. Formula One has canceled the 2022 Russian Grand Prix It said it was “impossible” to do so after the country launched an invasion of neighboring Ukraine. The race was scheduled to begin on 25 September at the Olympic Park in Sochi.

6. The Executive Board (EB) of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) reiterated The IOC strongly condemned the violation of the Olympic ceasefire by the Russian and Belarusian governments. The Olympic ceasefire began seven days before the start of the Winter Olympic Games on 4 February 2022, and ends seven days after the conclusion of the Paralympic Games, which are due to take place between 4–13 March. The IOC EB further urged all international sports federations to move or cancel their sporting events currently planned in Russia or Belarus.

7. IOC EB has also urged that No Russian or Belarusian national flag will be displayed and no Russian or Belarusian anthem will be played at international sporting events which are not already part of the relevant World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) sanctions for Russia.

8. The International Chess Federation (FIDE) also informed that tChess Olympiad and FIDE Congress will not be held in Moscow.Ater this year. The federation is trying its best to find another organiser.

9. European football clubs are also breaking ties with Russian companies. Chelsea’s Russian boss Roman Abramovich has handed over control of the club to the team’s foundation trustees, amid speculation he could potentially face sanctions over the Ukraine crisis. English Premier League football club Manchester United has withdrawn sponsorship rights to Russian airline Aeroflot. The airline has also been banned from flying to the United Kingdom and has suspended its foreign carrier permits.

10. Five World Cup skiing events in Russia this weekend and next month have been canceled by the International Ski Federation (FIS) and are likely to be held elsewhere.

1 1 The World Curling Federation Board stripped the Russian city of Perm of the European Curling Championships, which were scheduled for May, in an emergency meeting g.

12. The European Aquatics Board has postponed the women’s water polo Euro League quarter-final match to be held in Russia.

13. the global governing body for swimming, FINA has also canceled the Men’s Water Polo World League match which was to be held in St. Petersburg next month.

14. The artistic swimming and diving World Series event to be held in Kazan in April has also been cancelled.

15. The International Tennis Federation also has events scheduled in Russia and Ukraine. The federation is closely monitoring the current situation and will take a decision after that.


The International Volleyball Federation has decided to go ahead with the men’s world championships, which is to be held in Russia in August.

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