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India sets up 24×7 control room to assist Indian nationals in Ukraine, to activate alternate evacuation routes

indian control room in Delhi on ukraine crisis

The Union Ministry of External Affairs has set up a control room in Delhi, which is being expanded and operationalized on a 24×7 basis between Russia-Ukraine to assist students and other Indian nationals in Ukraine.

Some families of students studying in Ukraine have approached the Embassy of Ukraine in New Delhi. One of the family members said, “My brother is an MBBS student in Ukraine, we spoke to him last 2 days back. I came here to know what help is being given to him and what can be done. Used to be.”

Another said, “My brother studies in Kharkiv University, some of his friends also study there. I am very worried about this situation. I last spoke to him 10 minutes ago, he says the situation there is very bad. It is tense. I have come here to talk to them (officials) about what can be done.”

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan told the state assembly that Ukraine has students from Kerala and said, “We have already brought this to the notice of the Centre, it is taking action on it. We will ask the Center to expedite our action.” The Kerala CM has written to External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar to ensure the safety of 2320 students from the state in Ukraine and make necessary arrangements for their return by arranging special flights.

Indian Embassy in Kiev Statement

The Indian Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine issued a statement saying, “All persons traveling to Kiev, including those traveling from the western parts of Kiev, are temporarily advised to return to their respective cities, especially the western part of Kiev.” Towards safer places along the border countries.”

India will activate alternate evacuation routes

An Air India flight -AI1947, which was to land in Kiev, Ukraine, to evacuate students and Indian nationals, was forced to return after the bombing of the Kiev International Airport. According to sources, India is exploring alternative evacuation routes to evacuate its citizens from the country.

Due to the current unstable situation in the Ukrainian capital, India has temporarily shifted its embassy from Kiev to Lviv.


Ukraine’s Ambassador to India Dr. Igor Polikha said that this is a case of open aggression which started at 5 am. He said that according to the latest information, many airports, military airports, military installations in Ukraine were attacked with bombs and missile attacks.

According to media reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he wants to de-militarize and de-nazify Ukraine. Some Russian attacks have taken place inside Ukraine’s border and some on the outskirts of the capital city of Kiev.

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