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Russia releases list of unfriendly countries and territories: Check Full List here

Russia releases list of unfriendly countries and territories: Check Full List here

Russia Ukraine conflict: The Russian government has approved List of ‘unfriendly’ countries and territories with Russia Which imposed sanctions against the country after the start of the military operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine. The list of ‘unfriendly’ countries released by Russia includes the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union states.

Along with the list of ‘unfriendly’ countries and territories, Russia also announced that all corporate deals with companies and individuals from these countries would have to be approved by a government commission.

Why did Russia release the list of unfriendly countries?

The Russian government has approved a list of unfriendly countries and territories as tensions between the West and Russia rise amid the Kremlin’s tight grip on the invasion of Ukraine. The move to declare them unfriendly comes in the wake of severe economic sanctions faced by Russia over the Ukraine conflict.

On March 7, 2022, a steady stream of businesses, including major accounting and media firms, announced that they would stop doing business with Ukraine. Oil climbed above $135 a barrel after the United States announced sanctions on Russian supplies.

Russia releases list of ‘unfriendly’ countries: See full list here

Serial number Countries
1. United States of america
2. Canada
3. states of the european union
4. United Kingdom (including Jersey, British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Gibraltar)
5. Ukraine
6. montenegro
7. Switzerland
8. Albania
9. Andorra
10. Iceland
1 1 Liechtenstein
12. Monaco
13. Norway
14. San Marino
15. North Macedonia
16. Japan
17. South Korea
18. Australia
19. Micronesia
20. New Zealand
21. Singapore
22. Taiwan

Russia to pay the foreign currency debt in rubles

The list of ‘unfriendly’ countries by Russia comes after a presidential decree dated March 5, 2022, which asked the Russian government, companies and citizens to temporarily pay their foreign currency loans to foreign creditors from ‘unfriendly’ countries. was allowed. in ruble.

The Russian Government required to make such payments that the debtors would have to open a special type of ruble account with the Russian Bank and transfer in rubles equivalent to the outstanding foreign currency amount in accordance with the official exchange rate of the Central Bank on the day of payment. ,

The new temporary procedure applies to payments of more than 10 million rubles (or the same amount in foreign currency) per month.


As the Russia-Ukraine conflict entered the 12th day on March 7, 2022, the Russian military declared a ceasefire in some areas of the country from 10:00 a.m. on March 7 for the humanitarian evacuation of Ukrainian civilians trapped in the cities. . , However, it was not clarified how long the ceasefire would last or whether it would cover other areas of Ukraine as well.

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