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Russia-Ukraine crisis: PM Modi speaks to President Putin, appeals for immediate end of violence in Ukraine

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Amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Prime Minister Modi had a telephonic conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia calls for an immediate end to violence in Ukraine, The Prime Minister also said that differences between Russia and NATO can only be resolved through ‘honest and honest’ dialogue.

PM Modi also apprised the Russian President about India’s concern regarding the safety of Indian citizens, especially students, in Ukraine during their interaction and conveyed that the country attaches top priority to their safe exit and return to India.

Telephone conversation between PM Modi and Putin takes place on February 24, 2022, the Russian President announced a military operation in Ukraine aimed at attacking the neighboring country.

What did PM Modi say over the telephone to Putin on Ukraine?

As Russia keeps bombing Ukraine, PM Modi in talks with Putin reiterated his long-standing belief that differences between NATO and Russia can only be resolved through honest and honest dialogue.

He called for an immediate end to the violence in Ukraine and called on all sides to make concerted efforts to return to diplomatic dialogue and negotiations.

Russian President Putin also briefed PM Modi about the recent developments regarding Ukraine. The two leaders agreed that their diplomatic teams and officials would maintain regular contact on the issues.

Why is PM Modi-Putin’s telephonic conversation important?

The telephonic conversation between PM Modi-Putin came hours after Ukraine asked for India’s support in mitigating the crisis following the Russian attack on the country. Ukraine also expressed that it was deeply dissatisfied with India’s position on the deteriorating situation in the country.

Ukraine’s ambassador to India Igor Polikha had also said that PM Modi is one of the very few global leaders whom Russian President Putin listens to and that India can take advantage of its closeness with Russia to control the situation.


On February 24, 2022, Russia declared war on Ukraine by declaring a military operation in the country. Soon after Putin’s announcement, explosions were heard in the Ukrainian capital as well as in other parts of the country. Reportedly, Russia destroyed Ukraine’s airports and air defenses. Various accusations made by Western countries also failed to stop the Russian President’s decision to attack Ukraine.

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