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Sanctions for India by US over purchase of defense system from Russia?

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Russia-Ukraine News: Amid Russia and America’s conflict over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States is looking at what to do impose or waive sanctions on India for purchase of S-400 Triumph missile defense system from Russia Under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA). This news was shared by US diplomat Donald Lu on 2 March 2022.

The latest remarks from the United States came as India criticized US lawmakers, both Democrats and Republicans, for joining 35 nations during a hearing on US ties with India, which was voted on by the United Nations on March 2. were out to rebuke the attack. ,

Why is America considering imposing sanctions on India?

One of the concerns that came up repeatedly during hearings on US relations with India was Indo-US defense security cooperation and whether India would be allowed to purchase the S-400 Triumph missile defense system from Russia. However, the Biden administration is yet to take a decision on imposing sanctions on India under CAATSA.

According to US diplomat Donald Lu, India is indeed an important security partner of the US and he values ​​taking that partnership forward.

As the United States strengthens its ties with India as an important regional counterweight to China, Joe Biden’s administration has delayed the implementation of a law banning India for trade with Russia .

What will be the effect if the US lifts sanctions against India?

The US diplomat pointed out that India had recently canceled orders for Russian MiG-29 fighters, anti-tank weapons and helicopters and also speculated that the new sanctions would prompt other countries to do the same.

What effect will the sanctions have on Russia?

Lu further said that it is unlikely that Russia will be able to make new sales or provide maintenance to customers or existing systems. It would be very difficult for anyone to buy major weapons systems from Russia in the coming months and years because of the widespread financial sanctions imposed by the Biden administration.


The latest move by the US against India comes as the country abstains from a UN vote to rebuke Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Screened voting results at the United Nations General Assembly showed that 141 countries voted in favor of condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while 5 were against it, with 35 countries including India abstaining.

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