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Shiba Eternity Game 2022: SHIB Lead Dev Says, Australia Could Be ‘Last Test Location’

Shiba Eternity Game 2022

According to lead Shiba Inu developer Shiotoshi Kusama, Australia could be the final resting location for the SHIB CCG game, Shiba Eternity. As U.Today reports, the Shiba Eternity game has launched in Australia after it launched on Apple’s App Store with plans for the Google Play Store.

In addition to Vietnamese users, those living in Australia now have the opportunity to participate in early testing and bug reporting for Shiba Eternity. The SHIB CCG game recorded success in its tests in Vietnam, as the team had to increase the capacity of the game server fifty times due to higher-than-expected demand, as reported by U.Today.

In response to user requests for SHIB CCG testing to begin in his country, Shytoshi Kusama said that the next event could be “Download Day”.

One user commented: “The Turkish community is very excited for Shiba Eternity. When will you be able to download it from the App Store?”

Shiba Eternity Game: SHIB Lead Dev Says, Australia Could Be 'Last Test Location'

Kusama replied, “Soon. Next is the whole world. Let’s show these Shadowcat’s that we’re a force to be reckoned with. We’re on time, and I said this is our last test location. It’s time soon… Honestly, soon.”

“This is just for testing. On download day, I want us to break the App Store,” he also replied to another user.

Shiba Inu’s lead developer also highlighted SHIB’s potential to burn the game, promising to provide more details: “I’ll explain just before download day. There will be a lot to discuss as there is more than one game.” he asked, “Where will you be on discharge day?”

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