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Soak up the spirit of monsoon and yet stay safe!

Soak up the spirit of monsoon and yet stay safe!

Monsoons always bring with them a wave of rejuvenation. The first showers of the monsoon usually urge people to soak up the rain or take a stroll down the lane and allow the pleasant breeze to hit the face. The sudden turn of the weather is indeed welcoming and a great respite from the scorching heat. However, despite the monsoons being a blissful season, it also provides a fertile ground for the various germs that causes diseases and infections. Just with a few tips, you can stay safe this season and have a blissful monsoon. Here is a list of the precautions:

Keep a watch on the water

The waterborne diseases and the rains walk hand in hand!

To prevent the onset of diseases, make sure you filter or boil the water before consuming it. Drinking clean water is a prerequisite for staying disease-free during the monsoon season. In case it is required to purchase water from the market, make sure to get only packaged bottles of drinking water. Also, the water that becomes stagnant due to the rains often acts as a breeding ground for the mosquitoes, which can cause dengue and malaria. Thus, make extensive use of the mosquito repellents and nets to stay protected. While walking on the water clogged roads, make sure your feet are covered and are thus protected from infections.

In case there is presence of any mild wound on the feet, protect it from the rains and infection, as a little carelessness in terms of protection can lead to a bigger lesion.

Opt for grilled and cooked food

The monsoons lead to tingling of the taste buds. During the rains, oily and fried food becomes a common affair. The key here is to have a control on the temptations. One should opt for only the freshly prepared and fully cooked food items which are lesser prone to the impact of bacteria. One should restrict the intake of refrigerated food items as those food items are the flourishing ground for bacteria. The vegetables as well as the fruits must be cleaned and washed before consumption.

Wash hands at regular intervals

If you venture out regularly, then you are certainly collecting a variety of germs which are a common occurrence in the outside environment. There are cases of the gastrointestinal diseases which are usually caused when the food is consumed without washing hands. To keep the quotient of health at a higher notch, make sure to carry a cleanser or a sanitizer for the hands and use it before eating any food stuff. To further raise the safety bar, use warm or lukewarm water for the purpose of washing hands.

Keep a watch ofthe symptoms

During the season of monsoon, one needs to remain more vigilant of the symptoms of the various diseases. The bacterial diseases are the flavor of the monsoon season. The mild fever, cold and cough become a common occurrence. A number of home remedies such as turmeric milk, gargles etc. can provide relief. However if the symptoms develop further and fever becomes persistent, it becomes essential to pay a visit to the doctor.

The season of monsoon is all about being under the bliss of the cool weather and letting the beautiful breeze touch the soul. The joy of the season lies in enjoying it rather than spending the wonderful time in recovering from the waterborne infections and diseases. A little precaution is all that is needed to stay fit and upbeat and enjoy the monsoons!


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