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Today’s Current Affairs: December 4, 2021

Today’s Current Affairs: December 4, 2021


This information will help you prepare for various competitive exams in which you will have to answer questions related to current affairs. The report includes world, Govt, and technology news, as well as Indian current events.

PM Modi to open and lay the foundation stones of several initiatives at Dehradun today

  • The Prime Minister will open the ceremony and lay the foundation stone of numerous projects worth around Rs. 18,000 crores at Dehradun today. He will place the foundation stone of 11 development projects, including the Delhi-Dehradun Economic Corridor.

The former Chief Minister from the united Andhra Pradesh K Rosaiah passes in death.

  • Former CM of the unified Andhra Pradesh and former Governor of Tamil Nadu, Konijeti Rossiah, died in Hyderabad at the age of 88. He was taken to a private hospital following the discovery of being unwell. In his statement, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, expressed his sadness over the loss of the Chief Minister who was in charge.

Protesting farmers against taking the decision at SKM meeting today.

  • Affiliated with the union of farmers, Samyukt Kisan Morcha is likely to take action in the current farmers’ protests today. The decision is expected to be made just days after it was announced that they would be taking action following the Repeal of the Farm laws Bill. Samyukt Kisan said they’re looking forward to the Central Government responding formally to all demands made by the farmers.

18 nations to commemorate ‘Maitri Diwas’ to celebrate the friendship between India and Bangladesh

  • “Maitri Diwas” will celebrate the day India recognised Bangladesh 10 days before Bangladesh’s Liberation of 1971. Maitri Diwas will be celebrated across 18 countries around the globe. India was also among the first countries to establish diplomatic relations bilaterally with Bangladesh, which was then a newly independent Bangladesh in 1971.

Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit India on December 6, participate in the 21st Annual India-Russia Summit.

  • Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, will visit India on December 6, 2021. Putin will visit India to participate in the 21st annual India-Russia Summit as well as a number of meetings to be held between the two countries. The Summit will be held on the afternoon of December 6.

PM Modi to visit Gorakhpur on December 7

  • Prime Minister Modi is scheduled to visit Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, on December 7 in 2021. In the state that is slated for a poll, the prime minister promises to give to his nation construction projects that amount to more than the amount of Rs. 9,600 crores.

The government has approved the plan to manufacture more than five lacs AK-203 AR-15 Assam rifles

  • To give a major boost to the self-reliance of Defence Manufacturing in India, the Central Government has given its approval to the manufacturing of more than five million AK-203 assault rifles in Korwa, Amethi in Uttar Pradesh.

The daily news is a great way to brush up on current affairs. Read the latest headlines and take note of important news. Watching the news on TV and reading about the latest developments will help you retain what you read and hear. Different magazines also offer analyses on current affairs, some of which can be viewed online. The best way to prepare for Today’s current affairs in India – December 4, 2021 para: For banking examinations, you will have to be updated on the national and international news. The news on current affairs will help you to study and prepare for the exam. For economics, the daily news includes information about economic corridors and various schemes for economic growth.

The daily current affairs of India for December 4, 2021, cover news headlines, CARAT exercise, Maitiri Diwas, and World Day of the Handicapped. If you don’t want to spend your time reading newspapers, watching news videos, and read e-magazines that cover current affairs. These magazines are useful for SSC aspirants as well as UPSC aspirants. There will be many competitive exams in the near future, and current affairs are an important part of it.

In India, the economic news today is important for the bank examination. A student should be familiar with the economic news of their country. The news of the Indian economy includes news about economic corridors and schemes for economic growth. In other words, the daily current affairs of India are relevant and informative. They will also help the students prepare for their competitive exams. Once you start a regular reading of the daily current affairs, you will have a better understanding of the topic.


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