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Today’s Fact and Historical Event : May 13

Today’s Fact and Historical Event

May 13


1952-The Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Parliament of India, holds its first sitting.

1967 – Dr. Zakir Husain becomes the third President of India. He is the first Muslim President of the Indian Union. He holds this position until August 24, 1969.

1971- Over 900 unarmed Bengali Hindus are murdered in the Demra massacre.

1998- India carried out two nuclear tests at Pokhran, following the three conducted on May 11. The United States and Japan imposed economic sanctions on India.

1638- Construction of the world-famous Red Fort started under the supervision of Shah Jahan.

1995- Alison Hargreaves of Britain became the first woman in the world to reach the peak of Mount Everest without oxygen. With this, she became the second person to reach the top of Mount Everest without any help and oxygen.

2000- Lara Dutta of India became Miss Universe.


  • 1568  – Mary Queen of Scots was defeated at the Battle of Langside and immediately fled to North England.
  • 1846 – The United States formally declared war on Mexico after several days of fighting.
  • 1938 – Louis Armstrong and his orchestra recorded the New Orleans jazz classic, When the Saints Go Marching In, on Decca Records.
  • 1940 – Winston Churchill gave his first speech as prime minister: “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”
  • 1981 – Pope John Paul II was shot and wounded by Mehmet Ali Agca as he drove through a crowd in St. Peter’s Square, Rome.
  • 1973 Skylab blasts off into orbit The United States’ first space station crashed back to Earth on July 11, 1979, four years ahead of schedule. In its six years of service, the laboratory was used for many biomedical and technological experiments.
  • 1970 The Red Army Faction (RAF) begins operations, The German left-wing activist group grew out of the peace and anti-imperialist movement of the 1960s. In reaction to the violent oppression by the German state, they later began operating as a terrorist cell and were responsible for several murders.
  • 1955 The Warsaw Pact is established Eight communist bloc countries signed the mutual defence the treaty, which played an essential role during the Cold War as an antagonist of NATO.
  • 1948 Israel becomes an independent state The announcement by Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, triggered a 10-month armed conflict known as the Arab-Israeli War of 1948. It started the day after the proclamation as troops of Egypt, Syria, Transjordan, and Iraq invaded the young nation.
  • 1796 The first smallpox vaccination is administered British physician Edward Jenner successfully inoculated an 8-year-old smallpox patient using material from a cowpox lesion. The word “vaccine” is derived from the Latin word for cow (vacca).



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