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Top 10 Interesting Bird Facts

Bird Facts

1. There are 10,000 species of birds. There are about 10,000 different species of birds. They range from large to small, and there are many different colors!

2. All birds lay eggs. All female birds lay eggs. Their baby birds then pop out of the shells when they are ready. If you look at the trees, you can see a nest. Birds make them, so they have a safe, warm place to lay their eggs.

Minla strigula - Doi Inthanon.jpg
(Image: Wikimedia) Birds Facts


3. Birds migrate to other countries. Many birds migrate, meaning they fly to other places depending on the season. It often accompanies the weather in different countries or places. If they run out of food, they will have to find a place to live!

4. All birds have wings! All birds have feathers, and they are very useful for many different reasons. Feathers help birds to fly. They help control the wind while flying in the air. They also keep the birds warm in the winter! Did you know that birds also use their feathers to show off? A peacock does exactly that! A peacock will display all of its feathers to attract a mate.

5. Birds do not have teeth. Birds do not have teeth; that is, they have to swallow the whole food. They have an organ called a gizzard that grinds their food. This helps them digest it properly.

6. Birds are great communicators. The birds chirp and sing. They do it for many different reasons. One of the reasons is to attract a mate. Another reason is to warn other birds of danger. They even do this to scare away predators!

7. A group of birds is called a flock. A flock of birds is a large group of birds of the same species. They live very close together. They are believed to do this because they are protected from predators when in groups. When they are in flocks, they usually travel together or search for food. Embed from Getty Images

8. Some birds can mimic humans! You may already know that parrots can mimic what we say. This, too, can be done by ravens and crows… although the savages haven’t had much practice. 9. The ostrich has the largest eyes of all land mammals. Also, their big eyes… they also lay the biggest eggs. …and they are the biggest birds!

10. The smallest bird is the bee hummingbird. Bee Hummingbird is the smallest bird on the planet. It can grow from 5 to 6.1 cm. Please take a look at your ruler to see how small it is!



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