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UP board result: Girl beats her twin sister in class 12 exam by rechecking paper

UP Board Result

The Uttar Pradesh Board conducted the UP Board Class 12 exam from March to April this year. Two twin sisters in the city of Fatehpur in Uttar Pradesh have passed the UP-Board Class 12 exam, but one sister, Divya, beat her twin, Divyashi, by two parks. This is a case that has never happened before.

According to reports, the board officials mentioned that this is a case that was never expected, in which two twin sisters passed the UP-Board Class 12 exam as the best. The twins, Divya Gupta, had a total score of 479 out of 500, while her sister Divyanshi Gupta passed the UP-Board exam this year with a total of 477 points. Both sisters are now 2 points apart and are born with a difference of 17 minutes.

UP Board announced the UP-Board result on June 18, 2022. The twin sisters sat together for the UP-Board Science exam, and when the results were declared, Divyanshi Gupta passed the exam with 95.4 percent, while Divya Gupta got 86.6 percent. She scored only 56 points on the Hindi paper. The sister got over 90 in all other subjects and a hundred on the math test.

As reported by TOI, Divya Gupta knew there was a mistake in her work in Hindi, and she requested a recheck, and she is happy that her score has been checked, and her twin sister Divyanshi is also satisfied for both of you. According to the report, the officials mentioned that Divya had scored 94 points in Hindi, but the recorded points were 56, and her points were above 90 except for Hindi, after which, when they rechecked, they found that it was a mistake.

The board conducted the exam in March, and the results were declared in June.



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