It is revealed that in the rental documents for an apartment in Gurgaon Greens in Sector 102, Sonali Phogat was named as the wife of her assistant, Sudhir Sangwan. 

In that apartment and before leaving for Goa, Phogat and her colleague had gone to the flat and then taken a taxi to the airport, sources revealed. 

Krishankant Tiwari owned the rented flat in Gurgaon Greens. Police verification was also carried out on the rent of the apartment.

The BJP leader and former Bigg Boss contestant passed away in Goa on Monday. The death initially suspected to have been caused by a heart attack, is now a homicide.

While two associates of Sonali Phogat, Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Vasi, have been arrested in the murder case, a motive has yet to be determined. 

Sonali Phogat's autopsy was carried out on Thursday after the consent of her family members. Her autopsy revealed that she had multiple 'blunt force injuries to her body.

Sonali Phogat drink found with MDMA Goa police revealed Friday that MDMA was mixed into Sonali Phogat's drink. 

CCTV video shows Sonali Phogat struggling and trying to keep her balance by limping away from her and carrying her to a table.