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Weekly Current Affairs Questions and Answers: April 18-24, 2022

Weekly Current Affairs Questions and Answers for UPSC/IAS Exam

The purpose of Miliposts Weekly current affairs quiz section is to assist in each competitive exam to review each competitive exam quickly. This week, we’ve compiled weekly current affairs questions and answers relevant to UPSC, SSC, Bank, and other government exams, including The World’s Most Powerful Nuclear-Capable Missile, Wisden’s 5 Crickets of the Year 2022, PaxLovid Covid Antiviral Pill, and themes like World. Earth Day, among others.

1. Which nation has successfully tested the world’s most powerful nuclear-capable ICBM?
a) US
b) North Korea
c) Russia
d) Japan

2. Which Indian cricketer has been named in Wisden’s 5 ‘Cricketers of the Year’ 2022?
a) Virat Kohli
b) Rohit Sharma
c) Rishabh pants
d) KL Raul

3. Which state may soon introduce new and stricter laws regulating the sale and purchase of land?
a)Uttar Pradesh
b) Gujarat
c) Haryana
d) Uttarakhand

4. When is World Earth Day celebrated?
a) April 19
b) April 20
c) April 21
d) April 22

5. Which of the following drug manufacturers has developed the Paxlovid COVID antiviral pill?
a) Pfizer
b) modern
c) Biotechnology
d) J&J

6. When is World Heritage Day celebrated?
a) April 17
b) April 18
c) April 19
d) April 20

7. In which of the following states has African swine fever been detected?
a) tripura
B) Assamese
c) Megalaya
d) Manipur

8. China has signed a signed security agreement with which of the following South Pacific countries?
a) Palau
b) Papua New Guinea
c) Solomon Islands
d) Nauru

9. Who has surpassed Virat Kohli to become the fastest Indian to score 6000 T20 runs?
a) KL Raul
b) Rohit Sharma
c) Shijar Dhawan
d) MS Dhoni

10. Has Indian-American Shanti Sethi been appointed defense adviser to the world leader?
a)Joe Biden
b) Boris Johnson
c) Kamala Harris
d) Justin Trudeau

11. Who of the following has retired from international cricket?
a) Kieron Pollard
b) Joe root
c) David Warner
d) Aaron Finch


1. (c) Russia
Russia has successfully tested Sarmat, a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile that can reportedly hit any target in the world. Russian President Vladimir warned that the weapon capable of carrying a nuclear payload would make Russia’s enemies “think twice.” The Russian Defense Ministry called Sarmat the most powerful missile with the most extended target destruction range in the world, which will significantly increase the combat power of the Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces.

2. (b) Rohit
Indian captain Rohit Sharma and bowler Jasprit Bumrah have been named among the five players in Wisden’s ‘Cricketers of the Year’ in The Almanack 2022 edition. Other cricketers named to the Wisden Cricketer of the Year 2022 list include England pacemaker Ollie Robinson, New Zealand batsman Devon Conway and the Proteas.

3. (d) Uttarakhand
To prevent outsiders from buying land, Uttarakhand may soon have new and stricter laws regulating the purchase and sale of land, especially in the hills, similar to Himachal Pradesh. Last year, the state had constituted a committee to recommend amendments to land laws and is likely to submit its recommendations to the state government in about 10 days.

4. (d) April 22
World Earth Day is celebrated across the world on 22 April 2022. Google celebrated this day with a time-lapse view highlighting the effects of climate change on the planet. The doodle, assembled as a GIF, featured real-time-lapse images from Google Earth, showing the changes caused by climate change over a few decades in four different locations on the planet.

5. (a) Pfizer
Paxlovid is an oral COVID antiviral tablet developed by Pfizer that can be taken at home by high-risk COVID patients with mild infections to avoid the need for hospitalization. It is a combination of nirmitrelvir and ritonavir and is easier to administer than intravenous remdesivir and antibodies. According to WHO experts, this pill is a better treatment option for unvaccinated people, older people and people who are immune to COVID-19.

6. (b) April 18
World Heritage Day or International Day for Monuments and Sites is observed globally on 18 April. The day aims to raise awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and the work we do to preserve our history. It was first celebrated in 1964 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

7. (a) Tripura
Cases of African Swine Fever (ASF) have been detected at a government breeding farm in Tripura. The farm is located in Devipur, Sepahijala district, and is run by the State Animal Resource Development Department (ARDD). A total of 63 mature pigs died in the farm due to unknown reasons, which raised the alarm. The state government ordered mass hanging of pigs to prevent the spread of viral fever.

8. (c) Solomon Islands
China confirmed on April 19, 2022 that it has sealed a comprehensive security deal with the Solomon Islands, a deal that Western governments fear could give Beijing a military foothold in the South Pacific. .

9. (a) KL Raul
Lucknow Super Giants captain KL Rahul surpassed Virat Kohli to become the fastest Indian to score 6000 T20 runs in innings on April 19, 2022. He reached the milestone in 179 innings with a strike rate of 138.18, breaking Kohli’s record of 184 innings.

10. (c) Kamala Harris
Indian-American US Navy veteran Shanti Sethi has been appointed acting secretary and defense advisor to US Vice President Kamala Harris. Sethi is the first Indian-American commander of a major US Navy combat ship.

11. (a) Kieron Pollard
West Indies all-rounder Kieron Pollard announced his international cricket retirement on April 20, 2022. The 34-year-old has pulled back the curtain from his 15-year international career to make room for those who will take the game forward with the West. Indian colour. Kieron Pollard became the first player to represent West Indies in over 100 T20I matches and 123 ODI matches. He was a key member of the West Indies team that won the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup in 2012.




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