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Weekly Current Affairs Questions & Answers: 21 to 27 February 2022

Weekly Current Affairs Questions for UPSC/IAS Exams: The weekly current affairs quiz section of Miliposts aims to help every competitive exam aspirant to revise the day comfortably. This week, we have compiled 10 weekly current affairs questions and answers relevant to UPSC, SSC, Bank and other government exams, covering topics like Russia-Ukraine conflict, Black Sea, National War Memorial, NATO alliance.

1. Which of the following countries does not border the Black Sea?

a) Italy

b) Bulgaria

c) Georgia

d) Turkey

2. When was the third anniversary of the National War Memorial observed?

a) February 23

b) February 24

c) February 25

d) February 26

3. Which country is hosting the multilateral exercise MILAN 2022?

a) India

b) France

c) UK

d) Malaysia

4. Which of the following former Soviet Union republic is not a member of NATO?

a) Estonia

b) Latvia

c) Lithuania

d) Ukraine

5. How many countries are part of the NATO alliance?

a) 15

b) 20

c) 25

d) 30

6. Which was the last country to join NATO as a member?

a) Portugal

b) Poland

c) Croatia

d) North Macedonia

7. What was the first name of KPAC Lalita?

a) Sheela

b) Sharada Amma

c) Mamta

d) Maheshwari Amma

8. Who was honored with the Outstanding Contribution to Film Award at DPIFF 2022?

a) Amitabh Bachchan

b) Asha Parekh

c) Shankar Mahadevan

d) Dharmendra

9. Which country has successfully test-fired its new naval air defense system named ‘C-Dome’?

a) Israel

b) Iran

c) Turkey

d) North Korea

10. By what year will the International Space Station cease to function?


a) 2025

b) 2027

c) 2028

d) 2031

1 1 Vipula Gunatilka has been appointed as the new CFO of which airline?

a) Air India

B) Vistara

c) Jet Airways

d) indigo

12. Who has recognized two separatist republics in eastern Ukraine as independent?

a) Vladimir Putin

b) Joe Biden

c) Olaf Scholz

d) Emmanuel Macron

13. When is International Mother Language Day celebrated?

a) February 19

b) February 20

c) February 21

d) February 23

14. Which country started the idea of ​​celebrating International Mother Language Day?

a) India

b) Bangladesh

c) Sri Lanka

d) Nepal

15. When is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti celebrated?

a) February 15

b) February 17

c) February 19

d) February 21


1. (a) Italy

The Black Sea is a marginal Mediterranean Sea located between Europe and Asia. It is located in Southeast Europe to the east of the Balkans and drains into the Mediterranean Sea. Countries bordering the Black Sea include Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Turkey, and Romania.

2. (c) February 25

The third anniversary of the National War Memorial was celebrated on February 25, 2022. The Chiefs of Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force laid wreaths at the National War Memorial to commemorate the occasion.

3. (a) India

The Indian Navy is hosting a multilateral exercise named MILAN 2022 from February 25, 2022 at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The exercise will take place over a period of nine days and will provide opportunities for the Navy to collaborate with its counterparts across the world.

4. (d) Ukraine

Ukraine is not a member of NATO, it is a partner country of NATO. The other three former Soviet republics—Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia—are now members of NATO.

5. (d) 30

The NATO alliance has a total of 30 member states, including 2 North American countries, 27 European countries and 1 Eurasian country. Under the coalition, member states have agreed to come to each other’s aid in the event of an armed attack against a single member state.

6. (d) North Macedonia

North Macedonia is the last country to join the NATO alliance as a member state. It joined the alliance in 2020. Montenegro had previously joined the alliance in 2017.

7. (d) Maheshwari Amma

KPAC Lalita passed away on February 22, 2022 in Kochi, after battling a prolonged liver-related ailment. The veteran actor was born as Maheshwari Amma in Kayamkulam, Alappuzha. He acted in over 550 films in Malayalam and Tamil in a career spanning nearly five decades.

8. (b) Asha Parekh

Asha Parekh was honored with the Outstanding Contribution to Film Award at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2022. The Film of the Year award for ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ and the award for Best International Feature Film went to another round, directed a comedy-drama film. by Thomas Winterberg.

9. (a) Israel

Israel has successfully test-fired a new naval air defense system named ‘C-Dome’. It is a naval version of Israel’s Iron Dome, an air defense system that can intercept and destroy short-range rockets and missiles.

10. (d) 2031

NASA has announced that the International Space Station (ISS) will cease operations by 2031. The space agency plans to end its operations after the space station is dropped into the Pacific Ocean. The ISS has been in operation for more than two decades.

11. (c) Jet Airways

Vipul Gunatilka, former CEO of Sri Lankan Airlines, has been appointed as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the defunct Jet Airways. He was serving as the CEO of Sri Lankan Airways till last month. He is now tasked with reviving a grounded career.

12. (a) Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the recognition of two separatist republics in eastern Ukraine – Donetsk and Lugansk – as independent in a televised address on February 21, 2022. The Russian President has also ordered the sending of Russian armed forces to two different regions.

13. (c) 21st February

International Mother Language Day 2022 is celebrated across the world on 21 February to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

14. (b) Bangladesh

The idea of ​​celebrating International Mother Language Day first came from Bangladesh. The idea was approved at the 1999 UNESCO General Conference. This day is being celebrated every year since the year 2000.

15. (c) 19 February

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti is celebrated every year on 19 February. This year, the 392nd birth anniversary of the great Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was celebrated on February 19, 2022.

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