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Weekly Current Affairs Quiz: June 27 to July 3, 2022

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz

Weekly Current Affairs Quiz for UPSC/IAS Exams

The UPSC/IAS/APSC exam is an extremely competitive one, and the only way to get a high rank is to have a strong knowledge of current affairs. To help you stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in India and around the world.

The Weekly Current Affairs Quiz section of Miliposts aims to help all the competitive exam aspirants to review the day comfortably. This week, we have compiled questions and answers related to UPSC, SSC, Bank, and other government exams, including the new CEO of NITI Aayog, Attorney General of India, and new CM of Maharashtra, the new PM of Israel. Global Liveability includes topics such as the 2022 Index and the Oscar Academy Class of 2022.

1. For how many months the tenure of Attorney General of India KK Venugopal has been extended?
a) 4 months
b) 5 months
c) 3 months
d) 2 months

2. Who has been appointed as the new CEO of NITI Aayog?
a) Kapil Dev Tripathi
b) Praveen K Srivastava
c) Sudhir Kumar Saxena
d) Parameswaran Iyer

3. Justice Satish Chandra Sharma has been sworn in as the Chief Justice of which High Court?
a) Delhi High Court
b) Allahabad High Court
c) Bombay High Court
d) Madras High Court

4. Who has been appointed as the new Police Commissioner of Mumbai?
a) Sanjay Pandey
b) Nitin Gupta
c) Vivek Fansalkar
d) Tapan Deka

5. What is the new name of the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra?
a) Sambhaji Nagar
b) Dharashiva
c) Dhule
d) Satara

6. Which two countries have applied to join the BRICS grouping?
a) Iraq and Saudi Arabia
b) Tajikistan and Colombia
c) Iran and Argentina
d) Kenya and Chile

7. Which two countries have been invited to join NATO?
a) Finland and Sweden
b) Australia and New Zealand
c) South Korea and Japan
d) Israel and Egypt

8. Which two Indian actors have been invited to be members of the Academy Awards category for 2022?
a) Kajol and Suriya
b) Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra
c) Konkona Sen Sharma and Vidya Balan
d) Alia Bhatt and Nayanthara

9. Which is the most livable city in the world according to the Global Liveability Index 2022?
a) Copenhagen
b) Calgary
c) Vancouver
d) Vienna

10. Who has become the first black woman justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America?
a) Patricia Tolliver Giles
b) Karen M. Williams
c) Angel Kelly
d) Ketanji Brown Jackson

1 1 Who has become the new Chief Minister of Maharashtra?
a) Devendra Fadnavis
b) Eknath Shinde
c) Ashok Chavan
d) Ajit Pawar

12. Who has become the 14th Prime Minister of Israel?
a) Naftali Bennett
b) Benjamin Netanyahu
c) Yair Lapido
d) Shelly Rachel Yachimovich

1. (c) 3 months
Leading lawyer KK Venugopal has agreed to continue as Attorney General of India for three months. This decision was made after the request of the Central Government. Venugopal, 91, was appointed Attorney General of India in July 2017, succeeding Mukul Rohatgi. KK Venugopal was initially unwilling to continue in the constitutional office for “personal reasons,” but he agreed to continue.

2. (d) Parameswaran Iyer
Parameswaran Iyer has been appointed as the new CEO of NITI Aayog to replace Amitabh Kant, whose term expires on June 30. Amitabh Kant will step down from the top job of the NITI think tank after six years. Tenure Parameswaran Iyer is an IAS officer from the Uttar Pradesh cadre and former Secretary of the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation. They led the government’s Swachh Bharat Mission between 2016 and 2020.

3. (a) Delhi High Court
Former Chief Justice of Telangana Satish Chandra Sharma was sworn in as the new Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court on June 28, 2022. The post of Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court was vacant following the retirement of Justice Dhirubhai Naranbhai Patel. Justice Vipin Sanghi was appointed Acting Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court in March. Justice Sanghi has now been appointed Chief Justice of Uttarakhand.

4. (c) Vivek Fansalkar
The Maharashtra government has appointed Vivek Phansalkar, Senior IPS Officer, as the Mumbai Police Commissioner, as outgoing CP Sanjay Pandey will step down from the post on 1st July 2022. Vivek Phansalkar is an IPS officer from the lot of 1989. Prior to his appointment as Mumbai Police Commissioner, Vivek Phansalkar was serving as Director General and Director General of the Police Housing and Welfare Corporation.

5. (a) Sambhaji Nagar
The Aurangabad district of Maharashtra has been renamed, Sambhaji Nagar. The Mughal emperor Aurangzeb invaded the Deccan in 1653 and established his capital in the city he named Aurangabad. In 1988, the Shiv Sena paramount Balasaheb Thackeray announced the name of Aurangabad as Sambhaji Nagar. The decision to change the name of Aurangabad comes amid the ongoing political crisis in Maharashtra.

6. (c) Iran and Argentina
Both Iran and Argentina have applied to join the BRICS mechanism. According to the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Minister, Iranian membership in BRICS will result in added value for both parties. The five BRICS countries are Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

7. (a) Finland and Sweden
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has invited Finland and Sweden to join a military alliance in one of the biggest changes in European security in decades. The 30 NATO allies made the decision at their summit in Madrid and formally agreed to recognize Russia as the most significant and direct threat to the ally’s security.

8. (a) Kajol and Suriya
Bollywood actor Kajol and Tamil actor Suriya have been invited to attend the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Class of 2022. The Academy hosts the Oscars each year. Kajol and Suriya, two Indian artists, are among 397 eminent artists and executives from around the world invited to join the organization in 2022.

9. (d) Vienna
Vienna is the world’s most liveable city according to the Global Liveability Index 2021. The EIU ranks a total of 173 cities based on a series of criteria, including green space, infrastructure, crime rates, political stability and availability of health care. Copenhagen and Zurich are the second most liveable cities in the world.

10. (d) Ketanji Brown Jackson
America made history on June 30, 2022, when Ketanji Brown Jackson was sworn in as the first black woman to serve on the Supreme Court. While Jackson’s confirmation is a milestone, she still won’t turn around a 6-3 conservative majority on the US Supreme Court, which has become critical of her recent decisions, including stripping abortion rights. in the country.

11. (b) Eknath Shinde
Eknath Shinde was sworn in as Maharashtra’s 20th Prime Minister on June 30, 2022 at Raj Bhavan in Mumbai. Shinde previously served as Cabinet Minister for Urban Development and Public Works (Public Enterprises) in the Maharashtra State Government. He is also an elected MLA from the Kopri-Pachpakhadi constituency of Thane.

12. (c) Yair Lapido
Yair Lapid officially became the 14th Prime Minister of Israel at midnight between June 30 and July 1, 2022. His term may be short, as he took over as an interim government ahead of Israel’s elections on 1 July. Yair Lapid is an Israeli politician and a former journalist who served as the Prime Minister of Israel since July 1, 2022.

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