WhatsApp has added these new features that add flavour. Make sure you are compatible.

  • PublishedDecember 6, 2021

WhatsApp has added these new features that add flavour. Make sure you are compatible.

WhatsApps is rolling out voice waveforms, making the chat interface more attractive. Currently, voice messages can be played back in a linear format using the play / pause buttons, and the waveform makes them more interactive and lively. The instant messaging app owned by Meta continues to roll out updates to provide a better user experience. The new feature will be made available to iOS and Android users. The beta rollout may not be available for all users, but it will be available as the development continues.

This feature will be accessible to a limited number of Android and iOS users, but not for all. Users who are using older versions are not likely to receive this update.

“Specific beta testers are now able to be able to see voice waveforms inside chat bubbles, however not always: You can view voice waveforms from your notes on voice if the feature is enabled on users with a WhatsApp account. However, voice waveforms will not be visible when you receive notes from someone who has the feature disabled, or when the voice note is recorded using an older version of WhatsApp,” finds out WABetaInfo.

The WhatsApp tracker also states, “The New layout has been now available to beta testers who have been selected for WhatsApp Beta on Android and iOS as well as additional activations are scheduled after the release of updated versions.”

In the latest update, it was said that WhatsApp is working to include new features in its instant messaging application, such as forwarding stickers to the WhatsApp chatbox without downloading or accessing them. The advantage is that it will save your phone memory. Afterwards, it will be accessible to Android users before being available to iOS users.

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