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Yoon Suk-yeol elected as South Korea’s Next President

Yoon Suk-yeol elected as South Korea's Next President

Eun Suk Yeol has been elected the new President of South Korea. After winning the South Korean presidential election 2022. Eun Suk Yeol, the conservative, defeated Lee Jae-myung of the Democratic Party in one of the closest elections, with the final count separating by less than 1 percent of the vote.

Eun Suk Yeol got 48.6 percent of the vote, while his rival Lee Jae-myung got 47.8 percent of the vote. Eun Suk Yeol described his victory as a “victory for the great South Korean people” during his acceptance speech. He further promised to respect the Constitution, Parliament and work closely with the opposition parties on taking office.

Eun Suk Yeol stated that her top priority would be “national unity”, adding that all people should be treated equally regardless of their regional, political and socioeconomic differences. He promised to focus on the livelihood of the people and provide welfare services with the necessary warmth.

Eun Suk Yeol is scheduled to be sworn in as the next President of South Korea in May 2022. He will serve for a period of five years. His democratic rival Lee, a former governor of Gyeonggi Province, accepted his defeat gracefully and congratulated Yoon on his victory.

Choice of adversities?

According to various reports, both presidential candidates were widely unpopular throughout the campaign. The local media had actually termed the elections as an election of adversity. Nevertheless, there was a high turnout on polling day, with 77 percent of eligible voters voting.

The top concerns of South Koreans have been rising house prices, stagnant economic growth, youth unemployment and gender inequality.

While South Korea has a Ministry of Gender Equality and Families, its work in promoting equality for women has been almost negligible. Yoon promised to dismantle the ministry if he came to power.

South Korea’s presidential election 2022 was one of the most bitterly contested, with candidates focusing more on mud-slinging and personal attacks on each other. Both failed to present a clear strategy for how they would reduce the threat from North Korea and its nuclear weapons. Voters were also skeptical about how they would handle international relations amid the US-China rivalry and address economic inequality.

Yun said in his campaigns that he would deal more vigorously with North Korea and its provocations and seek to promote trilateral security cooperation with Japan and the United States.

He also promised to forge an enhanced alliance with the US center of his foreign policy and be more assertive towards China. He accused North Korean leader Kim Jong Un of trying to influence South Korean election results in favor of his Democratic rival Lee after North Korea’s latest ballistic missile launch.

Li, on the other hand, had called for greater reconciliation with North Korea and a diplomatic pragmatism between the US-China faceoff.

Who is Yoon Suk Yeol?

Eun Suk Yeol previously served as South Korea’s Prosecutor General from 2019 to 2021 under the regime of South Korean President Moon Jae-in. He played a major role in the conviction of former President Park Geun-hye as South Korea’s chief prosecutor.

Why didn’t South Korean President Moon Jae-in run for a second term?

The current South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, could not seek re-election, as the country’s constitution limits a president to a five-year term. Moon Jae-in came to power in 2017 following the impeachment of conservative President Park Geun-hee over a major corruption scandal.

Eun Suk Yeol Moon was Jae-in’s prosecutor general but resigned and joined the opposition party in 2021.

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